Camden Lactation Consulting LLC

Camden Lactation Consulting LLC

Camden Lactation Consulting LLC Camden Lactation Consulting LLC Camden Lactation Consulting LLC

Serving  Camden  and  Glynn  Counties in  Georgia  and  Nassau  County,  Florida 

within a 50 mile radius of Kingsland



VIDEO CARE Secure Telehealth

VIDEO CARE hours have been extended to ensure you and your baby have access to breastfeeding support in a safe environment  (Telehealth is covered by TRICARE)

A complimentary 30 minute Telehealth consultation is available to families of newborns  with feeding problems, up  to 4 weeks of age, in our service area.  

Schedule  your  complimentary  Video Care visit today  if you have questions or concerns about how breastfeeding is going.

breastfeeding help YOUR WAY


VIDEO CARE Telehealth

VIDEO CARE Telehealth


A Home Visit for lactation support can help to confirm breastfeeding is going well, and provide help for simple to complex breastfeeding challenges. Everything that can take place in an office visit can be available to you at home. 

VIDEO CARE Telehealth

VIDEO CARE Telehealth

VIDEO CARE Telehealth


VIDEO CARE  is secure and HIPAA compliant. It's a great  option  for  many breastfeeding challenges and can be a helpful follow-up to a Home Visit or Private Office visit. 

(Covered by TRICARE)


VIDEO CARE Telehealth



A Private Office visit is available in Kingsland.. In our home-like atmosphere, appointments are never hurried. Feel free to bring your partner, comfy pillow, breast pump and list of questions. 

(Covered by TRICARE)

health insurance coverage


TRICARE  provides coverage for telehealth and office visits.  Typically they will pay for 6 visits.  Camden Lactation is a participating provider with TRICARE and we will submit your visit for you.


Camden Lactation will provide you with an insurance Super Bill that has the codes and charges you will need to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company for coverage you are entitled to under the Affordable Care Act. The Super Bill will serve as your receipt.

Consultation fee is due at time of service. 


We are an inclusive practice.  Please ask us directly about our fee sliding scale for WIC/Medicaid. At this time coverage for these programs is not available in our service area for private lactation care. 


  • Adoption and breastfeeding
  • Back to work
  • Breast and nipple pain
  • Feeding problems
  • Introducing a bottle
  • Latch difficulty
  • Low Milk Supply/Oversupply
  • Multiples
  • NICU Graduates
  • Pumping 
  • Post-tie revision care
  • Prenatal breastfeeding education
  • Re-lactation
  • Sleep problems
  • Weaning
  • Weight checks


Skilled lactation support helps breastfeeding families  reach  their goals!

The IBCLC credential (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) is recognized as the Gold Standard in breastfeeding support.  You can be sure you are getting a qualified professional with hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience helping families with breastfeeding challenges. 

Learn all you can about breastfeeding, and build your team of supportive family members and friends before your baby arrives.  Choose a healthcare team that is knowledgeable and supportive of breastfeeding.  

When you choose an IBCLC, you get a dedicated specialist who will help you navigate the sometimes bumpy road of learning to breastfeed, and continue to support you and your baby along your journey as life happens! 


Meet Lyn


Lyn Hrivnak RN BSN IBCLC


As an  IBCLC  (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) since 2008,  I've  helped thousands of mothers and babies with breastfeeding challenges.

On a personal  note, I am the mother of two grown-up breastfed children and "Nana" to seven beautiful breastfed grandchildren. 

My career in healthcare began in  1990  as a Registered Nurse in Neonatal Intensive Care,   Pediatrics, and Postpartum care.  My lactation experience and expertise include hospital inpatient lactation care  in three  maternity  centers, as  well  as outpatient and private practice lactation consulting with a special focus on understanding newborn behavior.  I  also provide breastfeeding education to  families and healthcare professionals. 

In 2016 , I relocated from  near  Charlotte,  NC to  Camden

County,  to provide full-time hospital based lactation care here in coastal Georgia. 

I am excited to expand into private practice again. and look forward to increasing opportunities  to  provide lactation support for the families who have chosen to incorporate breastfeeding into their lives.